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Learn more about the
Jennings Festival Association

Bringing life and love of our culture to Jennings, La.


Our Story

The Jennings Festival Association was started by a group of passionate, civic minded citizens of Jennings in the 1980's. Their mission was to bring events to Jennings that were joyful, accessible, and focused on Louisiana culture. Almost 40 years later and that is still the mission of the JFA. With the generosity and support of our city government, local businesses, sponsors, and volunteers from the community we are able to bring events that are fun for all in Jennings. We strive to represent our cities diversity, passion, and creativity in each of our events. 


We can't do what we do without the generosity and support of local businesses and individuals who sponsor our events. If you are interested in sponsoring, please check out our upcoming events section, speficic sponsorship needs for each event are listed. Or for a donation outside of normal events, please visit the "Support" Page.


Every event requires extra hands! We always need volunteers for different parts of the event. From working at a booth, helping with set up, or volunteering your unique talents with decorating, constructing backdrops, and more! These events are not possible without the volunteers that donate their time and effort to them!


JFA is a non-profit with its own board that guides financial decisions and gives important direction on the structure of the JFA and its events. As an employee of the city, Katelyn bridges the gap between the city and the organization to facilitate, plan, and implement events. 


To facilitate events and experiences that enhance the quality of life of Jennings residents while educating and embracing our Louisiana culture, diversity, art, and history. 

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